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Post by Administrator on Sat Jul 15, 2017 3:19 am

These are the forum rules. The Punishments are listed by level and apply to everyone. "I didn't read the rules" is not an excuse!

Level 4 Warnings's:
Black - Permanent Ban (Account + IP)
- Do not post websites that may harm other users computers
- Do not create another account to avoid your suspension
- No selling phished accounts
- Do not threaten to hack any member of this website.
- Do not discuss that your able to mod games/saves. (Unless what you are doing is allowed within games rules.)
- Do not post links to any illegal content
- Do not phish in any form, this includes linking to websites that steal information etc...

Level 3 Warning's:
Red - Seven Day Suspension
- Do not post or link to any pornographic pictures
- Do not bully individuals
- Do not beg (e.g. Asking for invites to other sites)
- Do not leak information in the Team Member only Forums in any way
- Do not scam, this includes trying to sell something that would usually be free
- Do not spam (found spaming more than twice and this becomes black)

Level 2 Warning's:
Purple - One Day Suspension
- Do not discuss any illegal content or activities
- No posting to shocked sites (websites such as meatspin)

Level 1 Warning's:
Green - Warning Given
- Do not use any foul language or try to avoid/manipulate the language filter
- Do not create multiple threads for the same thing

Orange - Very minor possible warning given depending on how severe the violation of the rule is
- Do not abuse caps lock unless you are actually yelling at your screen topics
- Do not bump really old threads
- Do not use misleading subject titles


Theft of intellectual property contained on this website will be prosecuted


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